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Part of the Evasion Mont-Blanc ski domain


Megève in Haute-Savoie, an internationally renowned ski resort, in the early 1920s. Quality of this ski area, which regularly hosts Alpine Skicup competition stations on its slopes, constantly dedicated to downhill competitions.

In 1913, the Rothschild family acquired this small town initially as their vacation spot and kept it for the time with the aim of promoting the French "Art de Vivre" through this place which has been a roaring success ever since.

Just a 45-minute drive from Geneva, with the seemingly timeless authenticity and unique stamp of a traditional hilltop village, this mythical resort has retained its typical Savoyard architectural heritage, making it a crowd pleaser. Its charm enchants and surrounds the narrow, straight streets that surround the Grand-Place and the church's belfry with its green domes. A welcoming friendliness exudes from the multitude of small shops and tree-lined inns.

Here, luxury is represented in its many prestigious chalets and hotels, each with a different atmosphere, offering the freedom to enjoy the snow-capped mountains, the exceptional panoramic view of Mont-Blanc, Mont Charvin, the peaks from Chamonix, Warrens saw and Aravis.

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In a cozy, relaxed, chic or natural environment, here in Megève there is always something for you to enjoy the 600 hectares with ski activities, snowshoeing or romantic horse-drawn sleigh rides.

With 441 km of pistes, it's better to keep fit in Megève!

You can also spend some time admiring the magnificent views over the countryside, sitting at a table in the sun on the many terraces that offer you a variety of restaurants, each with an incredible view. With 87 restaurants, 37 of them on the mountain and several mentions in the Michelin Guide, Gault & Millau and Botin Gourmand, Megève is a city full of excellent gourmet cuisine, the "gourmet capital of the Alps", with an offer of refined and imaginative but traditional cuisine.

Feel like walking and admiring the landscape! Take the 50 km of marked snow-covered trails maintained on the Schneeberg routes and accessible by pedestrian crossing cable cars. Ski area guides offer day and night snowshoe tours. You can also enjoy off-piste skiing on 45km of marked and groomed skating or classic routes, starting with an introduction to highly technical loops at Cote 2000. Beginners can enjoy flat areas with good skiing conditions on wide, groomed pistes or more. advanced tracks like Enjoy the Planay Loop or Javen Loop.


Book your alpine ski lessons for beginners and competitive athletes, as well as snowboarding, freestyle skiing, telemark skiing, snow skating, carving and cross-country skiing at

Don't forget to make your reservation in advance during school holidays.


Everyone can find something beautiful in Megève. Megève offers freeride enthusiasts a large ski area. In the Rochebrune, Cote 2000 or Mont d'Arbois sectors, some blue or black slopes remain intact to allow skiers to enjoy powder snow without having to venture off-piste. These runs are marked on screens at the lower station of the elevators in the morning.

The ski slopes are not cared for or maintained, making it an activity to be practiced at your own risk, so proper safety equipment is required. The presence of a high mountain guide or a freeride ski instructor is strongly recommended. Only they can guide you on the unspoiled slopes of the ski resort, as they are intimately familiar with the snowpack and offer exceptional half-day or full-day excursions for beginners and advanced skiers alike.

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With your guides you limit the risk of danger and can experience the heights of pure snow on secret routes away from the crowds. You can climb the Col de Véry, 2,015 m high, dressed in sealskin and ice-climbing crampons. You will be truly rewarded by the breathtaking view over the most beautiful Aravis massifs in the Mont Blanc mountain range before heading back.
A specialist instructor will also accompany you on out-of-the-ordinary snowshoe hikes amid breathtaking landscapes, for example on a route to the Col du Véry. Quiet walks or exploring the winter life of the mountains offer non-skiers the opportunity to enjoy the mountains, as snowshoeing does not require much technique or special physical conditions.


No problem !

Megève is one of the sites certified as Family Plus. Children are treated like royalty here! In addition, the elevators are free for children under 5 years old. On request, we can hire an experienced nanny in the language of your choice for your children from the age of 3 months and we will be happy to organize indoor sports and cultural activities (fun hands-on activities, reading, singing, movies. ... ) and activities outdoors (sledging and various snow games, sleigh rides, walks in the garden...) for your children, half day or full day.


Clube Piou Piou (Caboche and Mont d'Arbois)
From ages 3 to 6, children can safely discover the joys of snow and skiing for half or a full day, supervised by qualified ESF ski instructors.
Packages are available from 2 to 5 am or 6 pm.

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Guardería de esquí Les Petites Frimousses
Located on the Mont d'Arbois, it welcomes children from 1 to 3 years old throughout the winter and organizes indoor and outdoor activities according to the weather. Here they can play, listen to music or stories, sleep, eat and learn to ski!

Individual and group lessons
Megève ESF teachers give private and small group lessons (maximum 10 people) to children from 3 years old in several languages ​​and also offer full-time training courses:

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– Children from 5 to 12 years old can join group ski lessons in the playground and try their Ourson and Etoile d'or.
– Freeride and freestyle ski training courses are available for children aged 14 and over. A level of Flèche d'argent is required.
– A training course for teenagers (from 13 years old who have already reached the Bronze Flèche level), skiing on all types of slopes, slalom and timing.
– Snowboard training courses for all levels for children from 10 years old.
– Half-day or full-day competition training offered, bronze arrow and bronze chamois required.
– Introduction to biathlon during French school holidays and at weekends.
– Introduction to daily cross-country skiing in La Livraz-Cote 2000.

Free activities for children under 5 years old
In the elevator boxes, you will receive a free all-inclusive offer for children under 5 years old upon presentation of any photo ID.
Admission to the ice skating rink and pool is also free with a photo ID or family book.


This flagship station offers everything you could want for your everyday needs, plus countless sporting goods stores with name brands from Patagonia to Dolce & Gabbana, all the way to the Quicksilver flagship store.
You can also taste local products during your stay, especially sausages and cheeses that you won't forget to take home.


To relax with a drink or recharge your batteries for lunch, Megève offers a wide variety of restaurants serving modern and traditional cuisine at affordable prices.

Saint Nicholas
It is considered one of the best restaurants in the region. Here, traditional cuisine is simple in a family atmosphere. People come here to enjoy imaginative and traditional cuisine, colored here and there with local flavors.

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The Alm Pre Rosset
Located at an altitude of 1,800 meters above the Rochebrune massif, L'Alpage du Pré Rosset plays on the menu of high mountain authenticity: wooden floors, its facade lined with ancelles, antique chests of drawers, sideboards and chests of drawers in Savoy ceramics. …
Basking in exceptional sunshine, this chalet nestled in alpine mountain pastures, gifted with a fairytale view of the Col de Véry amphitheatre, Mont Charvin and Aravis, offers a beautiful view of the dramatic dimensions before you. Here the mountains impose their stillness and regain their power and splendor.
It's a real trip to this restaurant, combined with outdoor activities and culinary art: in the stone fireplace, where impressive pots cook the original dishes of the region, recipes with seductive flavors that will satisfy the palate of the most experienced gourmets.
The flavors of this cuisine are incomparable and can only be valued for their simplicity.

terrible children
He entered our collective memory 60 years ago with the new wave of postwar directors, writers and artists.
In that spirit of renewal, Megève, Mont-Blanc and Les Enfants Terribles became the “21. district of Paris".
To breathe the saga of this place in an environment that will make you navigate between modernity and nostalgia, the restaurant adds to the environment an exquisite decoration from other times with the harmony of red, black and tobacco. With a design inspired by the 1950s, the stained glass designs come into play with the provincial ceramics of Ateliers Jean Marais. Original frescoes and Cocteau-style engravings illustrate the cultural legacy left by the artist. It is a true love story, a tribute to those who helped make Megève a mythical and international destination.

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With its open kitchen, Les Enfants Terribles revives tradition: all the flavors of a steakhouse, where you can find the peppered steak that cannot be missing, the spearhead of the restaurant, and the opulence of a stand full of fries, alongside your taste and your requests for sodium. The greatest gourmets will succumb to the restaurant's legendary baba au rhum or institutional profiteroles.
This new level of gourmet cuisine in Megève can be discovered all year round.

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"Old Megève" and "Restaunome"
Here you can taste a traditional dish prepared days in advance: the farsa, a sweet and salty combination made by hand with dried and grated potatoes mixed with eggs, grapes and chopped bacon. The combination is then dripped onto a greased baking sheet with thin slices of lard and prunes.

the current
Here you cannot miss trying the fondue aux truffles, which is appreciated by the locals, who have the habit of reserving a large table for a good fondue and giving in to the craving for truffles. A few weeks later, an incredibly delicious dish was born.

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Mythical places have long given Megève its reputation. Within a radius of 200 meters, nightlife venues compete for your attention and approval.
Nolilac roomDepending on the program, Latin, pop-rock, blues or country nights are held. He5th street clubit's a jazz institution.
The Palo Altosis the club in the region, classified as the 10th best club in Europe and regularly invites the most famous DJs in the world to liven up your nights. It is a unique club where scheduled events will reduce your desire to go to another club in France.

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Whatever activities you do, just askLuxury chalets in France. We organize paragliding, sledding, hot air balloon rides, ice skating, torchlight tubing, husky sled rides, sleigh rides, trail rides, snowmobile rides, glacier hiking or ice climbing, skiing heli, helicopter rides etc.


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